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Tax Freedom Day

There is plenty of debate about tax freedom day. Some of it is just about the date.

Ours has been calculated by the business roundtable to be 24 April. Given that tax is a significantly greater proportion of our GDP than it is in the US this looks early, compared to US tax freedom day calculated as 17 April. But, the difference may be accounted for by the balance of tax on personal income versus other sources. Plus, the business roundtable is hardly a pro-tax lobby, so we'll take it. Maybe the yanks have shifted those WMD analysts over to the technical backwater of calculating tax freedom day.

Anyway - those of us who are self employed see every hard-earned cent we send off to Wellington, and when we read stories about how well spent it is, we get upset. So it tends to mean something. Have a quick read of this blog for more.


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