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I was once reading one of those 'har har, look how thick Americans must be' articles which reported that something like 75% of Texans could not name the neighbouring states.

So I did a little test, pulled out the atlas and identified the four contries closest to New Zealand as the Boeing flies (made by those poor, stupid, Americans). and asked the next dozen people I met. Only two got it right. I must admit I figured our situation made the challenge a little tougher than it should be for the average Texan, but it did make me think - it's just not THAT important to know is it?

A teacher friend of mine has just sent me the following link. Saying somethin a bit similar, but much more elegantly. "It's more important to know how to use an atlas, than know where each country is from memory".

Nevertheless, this is fun. If you think my score of only 83% with an average error of 33 miles was bad, you just have a go. It is trickier than you think!


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