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Technical Notes

I am very sorry to report that during the installation of a new server at Chatswood a number of emails may have been permanently deleted. If you sent me material between 3.46pm on Friday and about 2.30pm on Monday then I may not have received this and would appreciate you sending it again.

The purpose of the upgrade to servers is to make it easier for different members of staff to access each other's calendar, contacts, and email information (because we tend to work from different locations) and allow our administrator, Margaret Stanley, to manage us all better.

It will also improve security at the level of laptops and at the server level. Ths particular piece of short-term pain was definitely not in the game plan, but the outcome should be worthwhile, and will help us to help you.

Dilbert Blog

Dilbert's creator Scott Adams worked for a large US company - apparently a Telco. He sat in a cubicle, apparently, next to another creative former corporate type: Michael Lerner. I enjoy the works of both - even though Lerner's book about his fall from grace deals with the gritty life inside US prisons, he is still immensely funny and has a searching wit. Enjoy the Dilbert blog today.

Bankruptcy Law

kIn the UK, changes in bankruptcy law have made it a much easier process - explaining why so many more people are opting to go through the process. Interesting to note that some students have been opting for bankruptcy as soon as they leave university... of course, there will be no need here, no interest, plus high inflation, should mean that they need only wait.

Various Financial News Items

What the battle about control of the internet appears to be about - ideology and repression, sadly. One would have to ask why America would feel in any sort of a hurry to give control away to well-known bastions of freedom such as the UN, China, or Tunisia.

Jane Diplock's comments on Radio New Zealand prompted this from Mark Weldon. I still can't get over the NBR describing Diplock as a 'glamourpuss'.

Glad to see that Mary Holm has been picking up the theme that not all increases in borrowing are bad. General attacks on higher mortgages, and higher LVRs on mortgages are not all that helpful when they do not look at where the money has been going, or the related issue of why people are choosing consumption over saving.