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Trying to get park at a mall...

Margaret who works with me gave me the shooting cat rotating GIF that you can see a few posts down below.

Anyhow, someone tipped me off that it actually comes off a website that sells 'conservative' t-shirts in the US.

It is fairly obvious that I have views that are generally right of centre economically - but some of these... would represent a step somewhat further to the right! Having said that - you might find them amusing, so the link is here. No surprises they were recently asked to tone down their advertising. Which I do not think is a first amendment breach as they seem to. http://www.shopmetrospy.com/

Church and Money

Is going to Church good for you?

The Economist often publishes unusual economic analyses and this is a good season to explore the economics of churchgoing. Apparently an American economist has found such a link. Overall it is said to be worth about a 10% rise in income.

While they spend some time exploring reasons ('social capital' and correlation with educational attendance etc) from the perspective of the insurance industry it is interesting to note how a churchgoing community can effectively 'insure' each other and help each other recover from setbacks (such as lost jobs) and build trust (making new business deals between members cheaper).

I wonder whether the insured typically have higher incomes than the uninsured and whether a causal link one way or the other could be established in the same way as this researcher has tried to demonstrate with churchgoing.

Christmas Fun

It is Christmas Day. What am I doing blogging? Well, I got a super iPod Nano and so I am at my computer and happened to see a couple of good articles and...

Excellent article on house prices over at The Economist. It includes NZ data and an interestting dissertation on OECD methodology in assessing house prices. Having said all of that The Economist is known as being a bit of a doomsayer and usually calls corrections early. They did it for years with Internet stocks - I mean, right in the end, but years...

Then there is this nice opinion piece in London's Telegraph. If you you don't read it, read only this:

"Christmas: it is not another fact of history, but a promise that history, for all its terrible facts, is in good hands. "I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth" are words that Handel sets to music. Yet they were spoken by Job in the midst of his unrelieved great sufferings. Job hoped against hope. At Christmas, hope is born alive."

Christmas Hours

The Chatswood Consulting Limited office will be closed from midday 23 December to the morning of 9 January. Although I will be around the whole holiday period, and I have a well known weakness for work, so please feel free to call me on mobile.

News from the Enemy

No praise is sweeter than that given by a foe in the field. These comments from England's Telegraph newspaper on the year in Rugby are therefore particularly gratifying for New Zealanders. Look especially at 'most intimidating gesture of the year award' - a description of Graham Henry's ability to field two completely different sides with utmost confidence in victory.

PAA Review

A fan of markets and competition like myself would like to see a number of APBs. Therefore you can guess my hope for the PAA 's review. Because that way there will be more efficiency in SRO provision - a variety of organisations serving different sectors to offer meaningful specialisation, but with enough overlap to provide some competitiveness to the process to ensure waste is squeezed out. Having said that, industry news is that it will fall the other way.

Almost No Progress

Despite some hearty spin, "almost no progress" was how The Economist described the recent work on the Doha round of trade talks. This is compared with objectives. Optimists point out that the risk of total breakdown a few weeks ago has given way to a basis for further negotiation. on which grounds one can say Hong Kong was a success.