A Tale of Two Tax Articles
Golden Oldy

New Technology

The world's been changed by interactive media. Imagine having a relationship with someone without conversation. Difficult.

Yet financial services companies still talk about relationship marketing and yet have no real conversations.

Consumers are ready - it is the industry that lags. The proof? This post. It may be a poky screen, but, courtesy of my new JAMin telephone I am mo-blogging real-time, and loving it. Soon you will be safe nowhere!


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Six years on, this still rings true.



And then for the antidote, this:


Russell Hutchinson

Alan's comments are perfect. I was really unaware of the Cluetrain manifesto and yet my breathless post was very close. I guess the thing is that today it is possible. I must blog a bit more about how to make this practical for our slow financial services companies.

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