Special Risks
No idea why...


How not to sell loadings, as identified by Ronald Verzone of United Underwriters.

"He believes that in order to get consumers to sign insurance applications, too many advisers quote unrealistically low rates. "Perhaps up to 40% of those who apply for coverage may not qualify for a company's standard rate. When an application is processed and all relevant medical information has been reviewed, it comes back at a higher cost than the original quote." Then the adviser has to go back to the customer with the bad news. While advisers can try to blame it on the underwriter, that does not stop the client feeling betrayed, disappointed, unhappy and angry. It is not very professional either. As well as not serving the best interests of the consumer, it ultimately does a disservice to the industry and the adviser. "The customer does not get the protection, the adviser loses a sale as well as the customer's trust, and the industry gets a bad reputation.""

Hat tip - Brian Klee.


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