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Understanding the new marketing environment

This article should be required reading for understanding the new marketing environment. Any company which does not have a strategy for:

  • Integrated content creation and re-use infrstructure
  • A porous knowledge management structure (because without allowing itself to be refreshed and regenerated knowledge becomes old too fast...)
  • CRM's that record all interactions with client's  allowing a conversation to develop
  • Distributed content creation (staff, managers, clients)
  • Plans to engage content creators in the new media space
  • An understanding that the game in communications has shifted from the precision of the 'mass media' 'set piece' to 'open-ended' and 'fallible' - yet self-correcting - 'conversations'.

The critical point might be summed up by this quote: [mainstream media] “don't get how subversive it is to take institutions and turn them into conversations”. That could apply just as well to financial services marketing.


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Absolutely. But they don't get it, do they.

I can say "they" now.

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