Overheated, or just overwatched?
Regulatory Uncertainty


"Sod the cost, sod the gas. "

Such thoughts were so close to being realised just a few short days ago. My Peugeot 406 was in for a service recently (attentive readers will know that I am naturally mean with money and it took me forever to even make this relatively recent purchase).

Wandering through the showroom my eyes fell lustfuly on the new 407 coupe. Recently, when I had been discussing the 406 with a colleague that person had, briefly, thought that the coupe was the version I had bought. I think that planted a seed. So it was with special interest that I gazed upon the wondrous new 407 coupe. It is a beautiful thing. So nearly did I say 'Sod the cost' ... etc.

But I am practical. I have a family - now three children - so the natural first car is a bus. In our case, a Toyota Ipsum. Then, the next slot has to be filled by a nice, sensible four door sedan - work or play this vehicle will be presentable and reasonably easy to live with. In our home these two slots are filled.

But if I had to have another car the next one would probably be a chunky four wheel drive type thing. And not a new imitation 4x4, I am talking the original here: a Landrover. They have style, they're tough, I have a cousin that works there. They would make me feel good as I went to pick up a load of lumber. Although, I have only ever picked up a load of lumber once, and am extremely unlikely to do so again in the near future, but I am sure I would have felt better doing it in a Landrover.

So if I was going to buy the 407 Coupe, it looks to be the natural fourth car. I think the term 'natural fourth car', on reflection, probably says it all.


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