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Telling Trouble on Tax

Java Man

Just when you thought Java-man was dead - he's baaaaack! I know, I met one on Friday.

Wielding his trusty cell-phone and business case he's back in town. Bouyed by the boost of having 900 pound gorillas of new media strutting around (think Google, Ebay, and Amazon) buying things left, right and centre, and rejuvenated pin-ups like Apple because of smart new products he's been tempted out of consulting jobs, IT shops of telcos, and he is back on the hunt for backers, code cutters, and niches that do things you didn't think needed doing. But then again, you didn't think you needed an i-pod nano either, did you?

Sooner or later, one of these guys is going to do online something really, really, clever in the consumer finance space.


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