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Online and Direct models and the IFA

Do you cringe when you hear an advertisement for Pinnacle Life on the radio? Do you close your ears and eyes to news that internet sales of life insurance are finally taking off? Are you worried, in short, about the effect of 'execution only' businesses on your financial advisory model?

Take heart. Read this, and remember, these are clients that are deliberately avoiding seeking advice. They weren't going to come to you anyway - yet - but they may do in the future. Link.


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Ed Saul

Russell, the link on this post seems not to work. Can you repost or send me the link. Would luv to read it. Ed... from Pinnacle Life with those cringeworthy ads...

Russell Hutchinson

Sorry folks - there appears to be a problem with the Money Marketing website.


Choice is the key, some want to source produces themselves, some a too lazy to do anything about their insurances and some will always want professional, trusted advice.


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