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Pitch Process Consulting

Recently we have helped a number of financial Services companies run tenders, requests for information, and requests for proposal – formal purchasing processes for major projects worth millions, annually.

We have also been successful at coaching financial services companies – both product providers and brokerages – to help improve their skills and win more business when it is offered through formal, contestable processes such as these.

Those assignments have given us great insights into both sides of the process. Part of that is an appreciation of how both offerors and responders perform. Overall, responders often fail to perform well – even when the responses come from larger, well-resourced, marketing divisions of major companies.

The mistakes made by responders can be remedied, more of these opportunities can be won, and more business can be done on commercially valuable terms – if you are prepared to invest in developing the skills.

We have helped companies develop their pitch / response process to a level where the number of successful responses doubled – resulting in large, valuable, new accounts.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you in this areas drop me a line back in the office on (09) 489 2130 or email me.


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