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Art in the Park

We went to the inaugural Art in the Park at the Western Park (near the top end of Ponsonby Road) last night. It featured a series of art installations based on the theme of light. My phone surprised me by taking a couple of barely passable photos - although, the problem is that the better works didn't yield to this.

Also, it's hard to convey how 'a pile of recycle bins covered in light ropes' looked cool, especially from a distance. Or how the 'falling lights' exhibit looked mesmerising as you caught glimpses of it between the trees. I wasn't much fussed on the strings of CDs hung over the path, illuminated by passers-by. The cyclists with illuminated wheels were easy to mock, but drew quite a crowd.

All in all, it wasn't high art, but it was fun.

Art and Seeds 010

It was the first time for this event and I expect it could get a lot better, but this was a good start.



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