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Wealthy planners - should you have one?

I was really interested when I saw this headline on the cover of Australian Asset. I am interested in the importance of being wealthy in financial planning. I had to admit I was a bit disappointed.

It's obvious you would think twice about investing with a financial planner that was 'poor' relative to their age or stage in life, but there are reasons why you would still do so, just like there are reasons why athletes are sometimes trained by grumpy, ageing, paunchy old farts that smoke a lot.

Equally there are sometimes good reasons not to feel comforted by the big house in Remmers and the flash cars - you've seen it happen! But for me there was one big unanswered question in the whole article: do you show your clients your balance sheet and your own investment portfolio?

The closest that they came to it was the case of Pat Canion who talked about re-building his financial life after divorce, and how he took eleven years, spending less than he earns, investing in a diversified portfolio and in his education and training which has led to material affluence. Now if I were a client looking for a planner that's just the kind of story I would want to hear - if it was backed up with a quick review of his portfolio, his process, and some client reviews I'd say we were more than half way there.


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A financial planner will have the knowledge to help you maximize your earnings and assist you in making good investment decisions for your funds. A planner will also help you to map out a serious investment or savings strategy.

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