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The 'tween days

Our kids had to be chased back to bed on Christmas morning at 3.44am! One of my best presents was chosen by my four-year-old son (Matthew). He 'bought' (with Mum's assistance) a Nerf Gun. It's a Nerf N-Strike with night finder sight - that's the cool red dot that you can scan mennacingly along a wall towards your intended target. You can have a look here. Although I have since discovered that you can get fully automatic Nerf weapons complete with big banana-clips full of ammo. I suspect I shall have to obtain something like that for the office.

Although Barrel of Monkeys was not one of our gifts we did spot this review which makes a good case for BoM (as it is known to afficionados) being the gold standard in fun, indeed, the yardstick by which all other fun is measured. Apetastic!

Actually I did receive Dixit, which is a beautiful game. It's won dozens of awards, but best of all has a dreamlike quality in its presentation. If you've been raised on an Anglo-Saxon diet of average board games (like Cluedo) right on down to the truly awful (which is Monopoly, in my humble opinion) then you may have a jaded view of these cheerful family-focused diversions. Try German board games, try Dixit, try Settlers of Catan. Hell, try Barrel of Monkeys!

Well, there were still four page views on Christmas day, so whether those were just miss-keys or perhaps, like me, a few of you needed to escape the constant badgering to build something out of lego, put batteries in a new toy, or prepare for the next meal - I just don't know. However, I love to write, so I will keep up the odd post in these days between Christmas and New Year just to keep in touch.

Speaking of the next meal, I did a whole baked salmon. I found a Tesco's video clip to enable me to break this new ground, and it was easy - and looked very impressive.

Our holiday programme of activity includes picking up visitors from the UK the day after tomorrow and a trip down to Ohakune for a few days. A friend has recently bought a property that sits right next to a trout stream and has a lovely view of the mountain. Later in January we have a short trip to Nelson.

Work-wise I have a couple of projects which need to keep getting pushed along over the next couple of weeks so we can be off to a flying start in the New Year. The most I can say about those is that it is really encouraging that after the worst few years financial services has seen in a long time there are still people who are keen to do innovative new work in the field.




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