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Mind Blowing: The Maths of War

When I can tick the categories "current affairs" and "science" and "history" then I know I have a very curious piece of news on my hands. As a (bad) student of mathmatics numbering a fair number of people more seriously educated in the subject in my family, and also with a fair number of analytical people in the readership I often share mathematical oddities (non-transitive dice, cluedo solvers, and the like) in this blog. It's broadly related, I suppose, to the underlying challenges of risk management, and the analysis of the industry that we continually undertake.

Now you can read up on the maths of war, and the curiously predictable nature of conflicts, their lethality, discovered by Lewis Fry Richardson and others that have picked up on his work more recently. Grab some coffee and give yourself ten minutes with this piece.


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