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Whatever consumers say, most insurers are actually very keen on making sure valid claims are paid. There is a claims manager's maxim which runs "if in doubt, pay out". But consumers are suspicious. Often they think that the insurance company is trying not to pay - and sometimes they may be right, so complaints are valid. Insurers, however, can do more to present their corporate willingness to make things go right.

  • The first is by telling clients the things they can do to make the claim process easier, should the need arise (like good estate planning, organising the location of needed documents, and so forth).
  • Another is helping to make it easy for the client to keep the insurer aware of their location and to find their insurer if they lose track of them.

If such measures aren't taken, there is always the risk that someone else will take them for us - and take their cut too, as this cautionary tale at Insureblog tells.


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