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Cavalcade of Risk #132 - Fifth Anniversary Edition

Welcome to the 1Exclamation232nd Cavalcade of Risk

This Cavalcade of Risky posts from around the world is also our fifth anniversary edition.

I wasn't there at the beginning but I have become a devotee of the Cavalcade. As a specialist in life insurance you realise how little specific news there is outside of reinsurance publications.

Where the Cavalcades relate to other risk disciplines (such as health, but also business risk management, and property and casualty risks) they have helped me to open my mind to other veiws.

Regular readers will already be aware of the organisational burden born by others to host the Cavs and our thanks go to Hank Stern at Insureblog who has kept the ship steaming along for five years.


Thanks for Cav #131

Before the main body of posts, thank you to Emily Holbrook, of the Risk Monitor for hosting the last Cavalcade which can still be found in all its glory over there.



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Enjoy the "napkin art"!



Our previous host, the Risk Management Monitor, has the yellow jersey in this Cavalcade: this time with Jared Wade writing How Energy Companies Reduce Risk.

Tom offers, When Buying a Car, Is GAP Insurance Worth It? posted at StupidCents a useful comment on the first contact with insurance many people have.

Tom Drake presents Car Insurance Tips for Teenage Drivers posted at Canadian Finance Blog, another helpful step into insurance.

Louise Norris contributes Medicare and Prescription Coverage posted at Colorado Health Insurance Insider 

Jaan Sidorov presents Primary Care and the Weak Correlation with Quality and Costs (and Costs Go the Wrong Way?) posted at Disease Management Care Blog - it's a continuing truth that the biggest utility gain comes from the first few dollars spent, and diminishing returns kick in after that.

Nina Kallen wisely tells us to Hold on to all oProbability2f your insurance policies forever posted at Insurance Coverage Law in Massachusetts

Jason Shafrin puts risk into context with rewards with Drinking in College is 'Largely Positive' posted at Healthcare Economist

David Williams plunges into politics and outcomes with  A silver lining in GOP attempts to defund PPACA implementation posted at Health Business Blog

Marvin Grossman asks Who pays when the government floods your home? gosh, if it isn't them, I'll be unhappy! posted at Insurance

Warren Beatty presents Risk: Physical and Monetary posted at Thoughts

Scott North takes us into Risk Management and the Internet posted at The Innovation of Risk

Risk Posts - and the not-so-risky

Hemant Beniwal presents Sector Fund – the complete guide posted at The Financial Literates 

Dr. Dean presents Women Investors: An Oxymoron? posted at Dr. Dean's Blog

Bob presents How to budget when you are self-employed posted at Christian Personal Finance

Some of these, of course, are life risks. Others are  certainties - like that I won't be hired as a graphic designer any time soon :-)


Christchurch Earthquake Claims FiguresKnowledge2

New Zealand's Investment Savings and Insurance Association (ISI) has a report on the claims paid out (excluding Property and Casualty claims.

I was very pleased to hear that the average size of the payout - at $199,000 - is much higher than the average for all claims, and larger than I predicted. Although the number is still quite low, at about five times average income in Christchurch, it is a much more useful sum. However, at only 63 lives paid out, the numbers covered are lower. In risk, we have much to do. In all my prediction was pretty close - and I stand by the view that the relatively small claim figure means there will be no direct effect on NZ life rates as a consequence.

The Insurance Council estimates the figure for property claims to be around $10billion. The difference in scale is obvious, and in this case there definitely will be an effect on property insurance rates.


New Zealand Risk Bloggers

Steve, at The Life Insurance Blog, complains about travel insurance.

Darrin, at goodreturns, writes about the loss of trust with life insurers.

Then there's yours truly, of course. I can be read both here, and over there.


The Next Cavalcade

The next host is "Ironman" at Political Calculations. Do support it, and if you would like to write, please de-lurk and get scribbling.



If you would like to connect with me please feel free to drop me a line here at Chatswood (see contact details for my email) or you can connect with me on LinkedIn and stay in touch that way.






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Awesome job, Russell! What a great way to mark our 5th year - Thank you!!!

The Financial Literates

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