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136th Cavacade of Risk

Jacob A. Irwin presents the 136th Cavlcade of Risk with his "riskiest sports edition".Go and check it out!

I was perfectly prepared to accept that cave diving is a fabulously risky sport (I have jumped in darkness into metres deep cave pools in Waitomo, and even in such a supervised setting the danger was obvious).

However, I was surprised to see cheerleading listed as dangerous: I thought the greatest danger was that of slights and snubs from peers. There are counter arguments, Claire Bennet found it a dangerous sport.

But to return to more serious matters I think the top pick from the Cavalcade was justly Jason Shafrin's consideration of the links between complexity and income for doctors. This has echoes in financial advice - really complex financial advice doesn't seem to pay quite as well (on average) as fairly complex advice given on a broader scale. But returns drop once again as you enter the territory of simpler advice - as this is delivered very effectively by large businesses enjoying economies of scale.



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