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I agree. He says enough to be broadly right but the generalisation and condecending attitude towards advisers grates with me. How much finance company money went direct with no advice? the majority. How many clients were saved by advice? Yes there were bad advisers and distribution models but no where near as bad as those running and supervising the finance companies themselves.... Onwards and upwards

Russell Hutchinson

Dear Bazza, my thoughts exactly. Plenty of people lost money without any help at all...

... but a scapegoat is so handy. Plus the inconsistency between the situation in the UK and the situation here, I mean: the challenge of people being shunted into growth funds over there is almost a mirror image of the situation of too many people hunting fixed returns here. Not just not comparable, actuallty opposite!

But having said all that, he is right in so many important ways too.

Best wishes,

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There has to be proper allocation of funds. Investment needs to be checked.

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