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Avranche and the Patton Memorial

These days I try to keep the purely personal to a minimum on this blog (that's what Facebook is for) but as I am out of town, and therefore answering your emails in the middle of the night, I thought I might share briefly where I am and what I am up to.

I've been to London, Deeping St. James, Portsmouth, St. Malo, and I am now happily ensconced in a lovely 'cottage' in Normandy. Yesterday we popped into Avranche and enjoyed lunch and sightseeing there.

Here is a photo of The Patton Memorial in Avranche.


Avranche was the starting point for operation Cobra, the breakout from the Normandy Beaches. There is a well-kept memorial, tank, and statue to Patton. The memorials celebrate liberation - quite a thought considering 600 towns and villages in Normandy and Brittany were effectively destroyed in the course of the allied operations, and so many were killed in the fighting that there is a memorial to unidentified civilians. Patton even has a hotel, a street name, a cafe named after him. He's well liked.

Tomorrow we wil view the remains of a Mulberry Harbour and visit the museum in Arromanches, visit Bayeux to see the tapestry, the graves from the landing at Omaha Beach.

There you go, normal service will resume with financial and insurance-related posts coming up next. Until I reach Paris, when I may update you again.


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