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Several KiwiSaver "C" Words

Goodreturns get's edgy by using the title "The C-Word" for it's review of Labour's possible policy to make KiwiSaver compulsory. As original architects of the scheme they have more right than anyone else to raise such an issue - although they should explain why a deliberate strategy combining a form of voluntary membership and bribes were first considered the right approach, and why those reasons now no longer apply.

The other "c" word is categorisation. If KiwiSaver is so important and so good it can be made compulsory, and several hundred thousand people dumped into the scheme without their permission, how can you require a financial advisers provides a full personal financial plan to sell one to someone? If full financial planning is required, then how can you make it compulsory? Unless you make full personal financial planning compulsory... something doesn't quite add up.



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