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Awesome Designers

Whatever line of work you are in you need to have a great team at your disposal. There is a little of the magpie in me, which you will note if you follow my reading list on LinkedIn. (If we aren't connected there, pop me through a request, by the way.) Having varied interests means I'm always on the lookout for new things - it's handy as a manager and as a consultant to know who to connect people to... the smart analyst, the database guru, the online marketing person who actually works, and so on...

Well, it's amazing how connections work, but I recently posted on LinkedIn that I read the book "Threadless" about the T-shirt design people who really made the funky online T-shirt thing fly. I loved it, and I love it even more now I know this: from a great friend and client: 

"I noticed linked in that you'd been reading up on threadless - did you know that the most successful designer globally (out-selling all others put together) was a guy from Milford?  Glenn Jones is the designer, who has done some great work for me, a really talented guy who now sells his designs internationally in partnership with American Apparel -"



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