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Brain Tumours - Benign, but Deadly... who knew?

Interesting to note this critical statistic about "benign" brain turmors from an article on the safety of dental x-rays (from The Economist).

Even a “benign” meningioma can kill. Around 30% do so within five years of diagnosis.

Who knew? That's a significant reason why you'd want to make sure that a "benign" brain tumour is covered by your trauma policy... and perhaps reconsider your next dental x-ray.

Some companies do not cover brain tumours, some cover them but require in the definition that surgery is needed before a payment is made. Others limit the payment to only 10% of the sum insured. To find out which, you should pop on over to and activate your free trial to Quality Product Research. All the details can be found in the policy wording analysis section.


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