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Cavalcade of Risk 167

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Health Risks and Insurance

Super Saver asks if you are "...Unable to Keep Current Health Care Plan..." and opens with one of our favourite, even haunting quotes from the promotional stages of "Obamacare": "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan." - President Obama, August 11, 2009 town hall meeting in New Hampshire. Read more here.

Healthcare Economist Jason Shafrin gives us a technical post on using quality metrics to evaluate hospital performance and even adjust payment rates based on hospital quality.  How reliable are these measures?  The Healthcare Economists describes a methodology to quantify the reliability of any quality measure - over here.

Anthony Begando, CEO of SEERhealth, LLC offershis post on risk management in healthcare. He believes that many healthcare organizations lack the tools, information, and systemic controls needed to predict and mitigate adverse events before they occur.  Check out their recommendations here.

Workers Compensation

What if you have a heart attack at work – are you covered by workers’ comp? Not usually, but it depends on the circumstances. Jon Coppelman posts about the case of a grocery store manager who had a heart attack while working on Superbowl Sunday. Here is the word

Rebecca Shafer at Work Com Roundup offers "How On-Site Medical Clinics Curb Fast-Rising Costs of Medical Care in Workers Comp" which you can find at this link.


Life Insurance


Jeff Rose presents "Reasons for or Causes of Higher Life Insurance Premiums" at this page and also offers "Cheap Life Insurance for Moms" commencing with the observation that many men have high levels of life insurance and none on their wife. Find out more here. This myopia is not limited to traditional couples either. 

Stephen at give us Do You REALLY Need Life Insurance? with one of the useful checklists to consider if you are taking a first quick look at your need for coverage. 

Jeff Root tells us how each life insurance company looks at scuba diving habits differently.  "We explain what we need to know about your scuba diving and then we show how the life insurance companies will view your risk" in Life Insurance for Scuba Divers. That's in the US, for the benefit of my New Zealand readers - any local experts out there are welcome to point out the differences in comments.

Unusual Coverage

InsureBlog's Henry Stern reports on the newest risk cover from Britain's insurance industry, covering ID theft to reputational damage - it's more than you think. Find out all about it here.

Protecting Your Wealth

With the advent of a massive round of quantitative easing in the US William presents How to Prepare for the Effects of Inflation posted here.

New Zealand Risk Posts


At Goodreturns Benn Bathgate tells us that "Reputation, Innovation, and Underwriting" are the keys to being the best life insurer in this post.


David Whyte has this post on Double Standards to entertain and challenge you.

Tania Young, at Brave Day, posted this page of Cancer statistics at their site.

Closing Words


As ever it has been a pleasure to host the Cavalcade of Risk here at Chatswood. Although we operate in diverse markets I find it an enriching experience to consider the differences in challenge. Sometimes there is tempting innovation in another jurisdiction, sometimes just a cautionary tale, but whatever the conditions, I usually find at least one writer in each Cavalcade offers something interesting that is written well.



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