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Standard & Poor's Confirm NZACU on Right Track

Yesterday NZACU made a press release stating that credir rating agency Standard & Poor's have have given NZACU a rating of BB+ with a stable outlook. Confirming that the association are on the right strategic track.

Henry Lynch, Cheif Executive of NZACU says "We have had two consectutive rating upgrades in two years, which was virtually unheard of". He then goes on to say “It’s a positive affirmation that our strategic plan is heading our organisation in the right direction and is further testament to fundamental strength of our cooperative based business model.”

Dumb Ways to Die

Risk Management recently posted a video of Melbourne train company Metro Trains latest promotion on rail safety called "Dumb Ways to Die". The cute animated video is paired with a catchy tune and has had over 28 million views on YouTube since it's first appearance on 14th November.
Watch the video here.

Why People Buy Health Insurance: Fear

It is a common argument amongst financial advisers - which I have on occasion got drawn into - that medical insurance should be the last cover a client buys 'because we have a good state health system.'

Well, just to even up the score a little, I shall illustrate the argument for the side that argues clients should buy and hold health cover at any cost: the Liverpool Care Pathway scandal that has been rolling on in the UK. Although end of life care isn't directly an insurance issue it does illustrate the fear that clients have that when the provider and the payer are one (the state) and neither is you (who cares most about your health) then issues of money may trump issues of good care.

The incentives were in fact stronger than that - with hospitals paid more for higher numbers of clients placed on the 'care pathway' which, surprise surprise, costs a lot less than doing everything to keep the patient alive.

It does happen.

DIsclosure: I buy private medical insurance. Hat tip to Hank Stern at Insureblog. Link.

Better Online Campaigns Have Good Landing Pages

I do like the Crombie Lockwood site and the customer-focused landing page: it contains a clear pitch for the business and then seeks to advance the conversation with the client by asking them to make a choice about what they are looking for. I mean, they must be looking for something, they came to the site. That last thought alone would turn over most adviser site design.

Quotemonster Statistics

Here are the latest weekly statistics from Quotemonster:

  • The average amount of life cover quoted in the last 7 days: $372,807
  • The average amount of trauma cover quoted in the last 7 days: $155,182
  • The highest Annualised premium quoted in the last 7 days: $45,753.10
  •  The average amount of time the monster takes to quote in last 7 days: 8.24 seconds