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Peter Mensah, now head of distribution at Fidelity, recently hit 100 holes of golf in a single day as a charitable promotion for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand. He shared with us this report, including the stats, from what was obviously a big day:

"Well I did it! (and for the last time too!) Thanks you all very much for your support, it really was appreciated. Those of you interested in the numbers:

Total shots – 508
No. of pars – 27
No. of birdies – 2 (so many close shaves though!)
Time taken – 10hrs and 45mins (a record for us)
Pairs of socks - 3
Total funds raised (including pledged but not yet paid) - $6,116
Total funds raised by LBC - $119,336

My feet, legs and back took a few days to recover but it was worth it. Once again, thanks for sponsoring me and rest easy knowing I won’t come begging for money again (for this particular exercise anyway!)."




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