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Partners Life's Simon Fisher - Charitable Fundraising

Partners Life's SImon Fisher is running ultramarathons to raise $250,000 for the Mental Health Foundation. Here's a report from Simon's latest epic:

"This is progressing really well and it is amazing what you can achieve with regular training and doing events. I am continuing with my weekly runs with Aaron in Riverhead and have just completed my 3rd off road marathon since late March last weekend where I completed the Double Rainbow trail run, at Rainbow Mountain out of Rotorua which included 4 climbs to the summit (in the foreground of this photo), which turned out to be just under a 47.5km run and took me 8 hours to complete. The really good thing is the body held up really well and considering it is the furthest distance I have run in over 3.5 years I was stoked to finish it feeling really good and not having any issues. To be back at this level of fitness is fantastic as just over a year ago I didn’t know if I would be able to complete these distances again!"

Go to Simon's fundraising page and make a donation. Link.


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