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US Life Market: Years Behind

A US-based life insurance specialist site has an article titled:

"Will Google and Amazon offer one-click life insurance? The future is closer than you think"

The article offers us the idea that one day sites like Google and Amazon may offer life insurance. Then I actually had to check the date to ensure the article was current and not something somehow dredged up from years ago. Of course, here we have Lifedirect by TradeMe and a host of other smaller sites.

Then I thought I might title this post "New Zealand Online Leadership" but quickly remembered that a number of other markets are doing what we are doing online: and many are more advanced. Think money supermarket in the UK, and iSelect in Australia.

On reflection I realised with horror the truth: the United States, one of the most advanced markets in the world, has a dreadfully out of date insurance market. It got worse, reading the comments was like watching a car accident, and being helpless to prevent it, as one adviser wrote: "Interesting article but not very realistic."

Smarter advisers are getting online and using the incredible bandwidth of the net to create new advice models.


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