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Commission For Financial Literacy and Retirement Income

The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income has delivered its new statement of intent. I like the Commission, it has a good mission, and generally says sensible things about how to go about them. Much of what the Commission is working on is tremendously helpful to the goals of New Zealanders, financial advisers, and the financial services industry.

The Statement of Intent document can be found at this link. Here are some useful components to check out when you review the document:

  • The emphasis on sustainable and durable behaviour change. This recognises an important fact - a financially stable and comfortable existence is within reach for most people if they can achieve sustainable and durable behaviour change.
  • The shared vision: Everyone Getting Ahead Financially. A good antidote to the common misconception that for one to get ahead, another falls behind.
  • "What we do" summarise on page nine the resources and projects the Commission offers. Most industry participants are unaware of many of these.
  • "Our Context" on pages 10 and 11 provides a nice, simple, and sound economic and financial context - useful for many planners if you do not already routinely include an economic and demographic context in your work. What's more, you can use it, because the Commission has issued the document under a Creative Commons licence.

I encourage you to take a look.




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