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Cavalcade of Risk Number 219


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Welcome to the 219th Cavalcade of Risk. 

First: thank you to David Williams who hosted the last Cavalcade of Risk. If you missed it you can take a look at this link

Regular Contributors

What is the risk you will have a long hospital stay?  Does that probability depend on whether you are assigned high quality or low quality nurses?  The Healthcare Economist investigates. Jason Shafrin from Healthcare Economist explains.

Claire Wilkinson at the Insurance Information Institute writes unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), otherwise known as drones, appear to be moving closer to commercial application, and property/casualty insurers are getting involved. On the one hand, insurers are looking at ways to use this emerging technology to improve the services they provide to personal policyholders, at the same time they are assessing the potential risks of commercial drone use for the businesses they insure. Once regulators develop appropriate rules and UAV use takes off in the U.S., insurers are ready to support this emerging technology both as risk takers and risk protectors.

Henry Stern over on InsureBlog writes about Ebola Insurance. Does *your* insurance cover Ebola-related expenses? InsureBlog takes a look at how insurance might (or might NOT) pay for treatment and medical evacuation.

The ISO has released its latest annual report, which shows the scheme resolved its highest number of complaints since 1998 – a total of 300 complaint investigations and 3215 inquiries. Susan Edmunds explains over on Goodreturns.

Michael Stack at Amaxx Workers Comp Resource Centre writes "From time to time I like to share a file I reviewed on this blog.  Not only to point out the good but also the bad.  Most of the time these claims have various red flags, and they seem quite obvious that the claim was not compensable.  Or on the opposite side the claim was very direct, very compensable, and ended up being very high exposure due to normal factors.  Generally it is nothing new to the typical person involved in everyday claim activity."

The recent release of the biennial Oregon Premium Ranking Report for workers’ compensation may tell us as much about our future as it does our recent past; and that money saving reforms aren’t everything they are cracked up to be says Robert Wilson from Bob’s Cluttered Desk.

The founder of Cavalcade, Henry Stern, is participating in the American Cancer Society Making Strides for Dayton walk this Saturday (18th) which raises money and awareness for breast cancer.  Head over to his fundraising page to show your support. We have recently done work on this subject here in New Zealand and found a very broad range of cost estimates for an uncomplicated mastectomy - which underlines how necessary this funding is. 

New Zealand Contributions

Tony Vidler from Strictly Biz explains how to show your value to a client in 10 seconds. One of my favourites is a very simple picture that anyone can scribble on a cocktail napkin in 10 seconds, which is great.  What is even better though is it captures the essence of the value that a professional brings to the equation for a client in such a way that a client can get it immediately.

Regan Thomas at WealthDesign has been writing and offers two good posts to attract your attention. The first asks "What Mum doesn't want the best for her kids?" and it quotes some good data from the UK insurer Aegon on the aspirations mothers have for their children. Link. The second featured post is one which should be important to most of the contributors and readers of this page: "Good advice is not only free, it pays" so do take a look at this link. 

I offer a recent piece on the dangers of relying on perceptions of insurance price - as they are often wrong, and why they are wrong - from the industry site goodreturns

The Next Cavalcade

The next Cavalcade of Risk host is Jay Norris from Colorado Health Insurance Insider


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