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Always Time for Change

Is it too late for New Year's resolution - certainly - but it is never too late to turn over a new leaf. Here are four resolutions which particularly caught our attention: 

  1. I will lead an industrial revolution (in my office).
  2. I will embrace my inner risk professional (and say farewell to the 'insurance salesman').
  3. I will stop working (at least for long enough to take a good, hard look at my business).
  4. I will be a student once again (classroom optional).


Barack Obama's Video to Sell Health Insurance

Barack Obama has recorded a video for news website BuzzFeed in an attempt to reach the younger voting audience. Apparently it's been successful - in the video Obama uses a selfie-stick, posing in front of the mirror, scribbling pictures of his wife, and playing imaginary basketball: all things the President supposedly does when alone.

In the video Obama rehearses a speech in the mirror reminding Americans about the fast-approaching annual deadline to secure health insurance, which falls this Sunday in the US. The video went viral with almost three million views on Facebook within two hours of its launch.

Click here to view the video and read more.

Quality Product Research New Database Version 7.7a Now Live

Quality Product Research New Database Version 7.7a is now live on Quotemonster. Between 7.6 and 7.7 the following major changes were made: 

SBS - Life & Trauma rated.
AA Life - Income Cover (AV) rated.
AIA Life Cover rated.
AIA Trauma Cover (SA & Acc.) rated.
AIA Income (AV & Ind.) rated.
AIA Mortgage Repayment rated.
OnePath Redundancy Cover rated under all Income Products & Mortgage Repayment. Existing redundancy cover for all othe providers reviewed.
Sovereign review (Life & TPD & Mortgage Protection).
AMP RPP Income (total disability to age 70)
AMP RPP - 'future insurability' and 'special events' increase added to Life, Trauma & TPD.
Medical Review changes for Sov ans Accuro.
Product changes to Asteron Trauma Acc and Standalone

Version 7.7a has a minor fix incorporated and went live overnight. Subscribers to the database will receive in the database in the usual way. Users of the Quotemonster site are already using the new database. 

Risk and Health: A Brave Choice

Brittany Mann, writing on stuff.co.nz tells the story of Fleur Truscott, a young woman is having a double mastectomy because she has lost every female relative on her side of the family to breast cancer.

When there are so many relatively painless choices that I can make improve my health and well-being - such as eating less and exercising more - I am humbled by the choice that this woman has made. My choices are so much easier today. 

Do read the article: link