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Quality Product Research New Database Version 7.7a Now Live

Quality Product Research New Database Version 7.7a is now live on Quotemonster. Between 7.6 and 7.7 the following major changes were made: 

SBS - Life & Trauma rated.
AA Life - Income Cover (AV) rated.
AIA Life Cover rated.
AIA Trauma Cover (SA & Acc.) rated.
AIA Income (AV & Ind.) rated.
AIA Mortgage Repayment rated.
OnePath Redundancy Cover rated under all Income Products & Mortgage Repayment. Existing redundancy cover for all othe providers reviewed.
Sovereign review (Life & TPD & Mortgage Protection).
AMP RPP Income (total disability to age 70)
AMP RPP - 'future insurability' and 'special events' increase added to Life, Trauma & TPD.
Medical Review changes for Sov ans Accuro.
Product changes to Asteron Trauma Acc and Standalone

Version 7.7a has a minor fix incorporated and went live overnight. Subscribers to the database will receive in the database in the usual way. Users of the Quotemonster site are already using the new database. 


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