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Don't Confuse Implementing a CRM with a Sales Process

Here's a compelling exchange, versions of which I have heard myself from discussions with financial advisers, or the managers of advice services businesses: 

The first question in that process is also, ‘What are you trying to accomplish?’ And again, so many people will say, ‘I want to sell more.’ And we say, ‘Okay, well what’s your plan for doing that?’ And they say, ‘I bought a CRM. That’s my plan.’

There is a useful article at this link which walks through, essentially, these issues: 

  • define your sales process 
  • follow the process rigorously
  • measure the points of leakage or abandonment
  • review the process

When you do that it means you can then improve it to reduce losses through the process. It also means you will have a better understanding of your requirements when you go shopping for a CRM. Or it may turn out that you don't need a fabulously expensive industry-customised CRM, you can use a cheaper, more standard, version.




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