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Winter Related ACC Injuries

As it is getting much colder remember to stay safe this winter - ACC released some numbers from the last year of claims made to winter-related injuries.

In 2014 ACC paid thousands of claims relating to winter activities including burns from heaters and fireplaces, skiing injuries, chopping and stacking firewood injuries to name a few.

Here is a list of the number of claims and amount paid:

  • Slips on ice (not including those while playing sport): 925 claims, costing$1,381,775
  • Skiing: 7608; $13,488,971
  • Snowboarding: 5897; $6,923,364
  • Ice skating: 1587; $1,667,974
  • Curling: 31; $31,222
  • Chopping and stacking firewood: 7242; $6,683,786
  • Scarves: 21; $9,172
  • Hypothermia: 18; $26,129
  • Frostbite: 6; $10,951
  • Burns on heaters or fireplaces: 874; $380,942

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