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Dr Michael Naylor at Massey University on Proposed Commission Changes

Quality Product Research Database Upgrade to Version 8.2

The Quality Product Research Database has been upgraded to version 8.2. Corporate subscribers will find the databases in their shared folders, file transfer locations, or will receive a data stick as per their preference, today. The database in in QA right now, but will probably be made live on Quotemonster overnight. The main changes are: 

1. Changed Accuro Medical Diagnostic benefit.

2. Updated Asteron Life versions

3. Rated Asteron Life new disability product (Workability)

4. Revised BNZ Redundancy Wordings

5. Revised all companies disability Retraining and Rehabilitation item (increased weighting for this item)

6. Updated Fidelity Life wordings (no product change).

7. Rated Cigna disability.

8. Updated AA Life wording.

9. Rated OnePath Mortgage Cover Deluxe

10. Reviewed AIA trauma Special Events Increase option (increase score).

11. Rated Co-op Bank Life.



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