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Cancer Sufferers on Jobseeker Benefits Highlight the Value of Trauma Insurance

Hat tip to Scott Rasmussen who spotted this article about cancer sufferers having to get medical certificates to qualify for the Jobseekers benefit. Without going into the details of the frequency of the requirement for medical certificates and so on - which looks like it could be a bit more sensitive - the story highlights the value of Trauma insurance. Even a really small trauma benefit, of say $20,000, could be very, very, valuable.

Even if fully fit for work in the early stages of a cancer diagnosis I can imagine that a person might want to not work. They may prefer to spend more time with their family, or investigate treatment options, or just take a little time to savour life. Those small sums can remain affordable a long time: at age 50 it is still about $20 a month (or less) to buy that freedom, at age 55 is about $35 a month. 

For a sole parent the current jobseeker allowance (see this link) is $300.98. A $20,000 trauma benefit is the equivalent to 66 weeks of that benefit. That is a lot of peace of mind and freedom for $20 a month. 


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