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There is masses of news at the moment about the obesity 'epidemic'. As someone who used to be a lot heavier than I am now (formerly 100kgs, now 84kgs) I know both the problems of being overweight, and that it is possible to change. I also tend to follow news about weight, diet, and fitness. So here is a digest of recent, eye-catching stories: 

Rob Stock, writing at has this excellent, data packed, article on the costs of obesity - noting increased insurance costs and the costs of dieting. It is worth a look. 

David Farrar at Kiwiblog questions the wisdom of Pigouvian taxes on foods and thinks individuals should be responsible for what they eat. He is also a person who was overweight and brought his weight down a lot.

The Economist has this research on the exercise component: weight in itself isn't always the problem. Like BMI it is a general indicator, but not always infallible guide, to cardiac fitness.  

This researcher says that healthy eating is no more expensive than eating junk food. Link





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Interesting articles Russell, thanks for sharing. Fascinating to read the discrimination faced by women (but not men?) for obesity.
The moral of the story seems to be to build good habits from the start and never ever let weight go on.

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