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What's New on Quotemonster

As you are probably aware we switched over to the new and improved Quotemonster a couple of weeks ago. While there are still a few cosmetic things that need tending to we are really pleased with the transition and great feedback we have been receiving.

Here are a few things we wanted to let you aware of since the switch:

1.    Head to Head reports have moved and much easier to produce. You do a quote on the client and proceed through to 'Step 3: Compare Insurers' and click on the 'Research' tab, select the product you would like to complete a Head to Head on (all products currently available except Income Protection). You will then see a row of tick boxes appear (pictured below), put ticks in the two companies you wish to compare and a 'Head to Head' tab will appear above.


2.    You can now create a quick view print out of an existing client. On the 'Saved Client's' screen you can select the eye icon in the 'View' column to create a quick view report (pictured below).


You can then print the report by clicking 'Print' as shown below.


3.    Do you want to view old quotes? We haven't completely gotten rid of old Quotemonster yet - you can find it in the orange bar at the top of the site on the 'OLD SITE' tab, all quotes done before we moved to the new site will be available here. 


If you have any queries about the new site please feel free to give us a call on (09) 480 6071.


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Nice work team - very cool!

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