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10 Steps to Successful Strategic Alliances

This article on Producers Web discusses in detail the way to shift from informal, and often non-functioning referral arrangements to more structured and reliable strategic alliances. They are rewarding, when I ran LJ Hooker Financial Services (North Shore) I never left a real-estate office sales meeting without a new client lead. But also, be aware: these relationships take effort, a lot of effort. The most important being the investment required to sustain the relationship. Here are the typical required steps: 

Step 1: Identify Potential Partners

Step 2: Research Potential Partners

Step 3: Make the First Call

Step 4: The First Meeting

Step 5: Identify Specific Opportunities

Step 6: Establish Revenue/Profit Goals

Step 7: Develop an Agenda

Step 8: Present the Plan

Step 9: Commitment and Implementation

Step 10: Analyze and Follow Up

Read the full article here.


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