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Craig Richardson, CEO of Wynyard Group wrote this article on LinkedIn 'Five High Consequence Crime and Security Trends for 2016'. Richardson wrote a similar article in January of 2015 and uses this article to reflect on is assumption. 

Here are his list of high consequence crime mega-trends for 2016 (in more detail here):

  1. Decline of traditional crime in developed countries
  2. Growth of trans-national and serious organised crime
  3. Globalisation of new generation extremism
  4. Rise and proliferation cyber warfare
  5. The path to fifth generation warfare will be defined and exploited

It is easy to see these trends in action. Take a look in your spam email folder and you will see dozens, if not hundreds, of attempted frauds and scam attempts. Every few weeks we have one of those idiots phone our landline and offer "Windows Support". I have never reported to the Police a single attempt, yet if someone had broken a window in my home and run off when the alarm was tripped I would have done so. I therefore believe that only a fraction cyber crime (attempts) are actually reported, and many minor scams will go unreported too. 

But what about your business? The IT manager of a mid-sized adviser business said that they were subjected to an attack on their servers recently. It was amateurish and easily repulsed, but it is real. These attempts will get more sophisticated. We need to keep working on this issue across the industry. The banks and insurers that invest a lot more in security than smaller advice businesses in their value-chain could be sharing more information to help advisers make their systems more robust. 

Hat tip, Mark Solomon on LinkedIn for the article. 


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