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Financial Industry, Social Media ' at Pivot Point'

This article on the Think Advisor website suggests advisers need to expand their strategies to include mobile and video on social media and direct communications. 

"We're at a pivot point to move social media out of silos and into total integration for financial services," said Dan Greenberg, a senior account executive at Twitter, during a panel discussion. Use of social media has boomed from 7% of individuals in 2010 to 65% today, he adds. “And with those that have more than $75,000 of investable assets, the use is very high.”

“Mobile device use doubled in three years, from 2010 to 2013, with growth of 493% to 381 million users,” said Greenberg, who works with financial services firms. “Mobile has doubled the amount of time we spend online, and it doesn’t take time away from desktop time online. Everything is shifting to mobile.”


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