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"I Am Disappointed" PAA CEO on Membership Support for Education Programmes

Rod Severn has issued an email to PAA members telling them off in plain language. He reminds them that one goal of the PAA is " promote our members as educated and professional advisers" and then proceeds to lay out some detailed numbers about the low proportion of members that register for educational events and the rate of no-shows for the events even when registered. 

I know that this is an issue that regularly frustrates training providers. When we run events we like people to attend if they say they will, and let us know if they are not going to make the meeting. We always try to do the same when we are in the same situation. But Severn has a broader point to make than one about manners: 

"It doesn't reflect well on our industry and the level of commitment many members have to professional development ​when only 22.3% register to attend and​ only 16% actually show up."

Imagine if 9,000 registered advisers were actually undertaking one week of study each, per year, and sharing all that knowledge with their clients - the shift in New Zealand's overall financial literacy would be dramatic. 


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