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New Zealand Parents Urged to Consider Taking Out Insurance on Their Kids

NZ Transport - Safe System

This article on discusses whether we are travelling safe speeds for our roads. New Zealand has more road deaths and injuries than many other developed countries, with an expected 9,000 Kiwis to be injured or killed due to car crashes this year.

"New Zealand has adopted the "safe system" approach to road safety, which holds that while mistakes are inevitable, deaths and serious injuries are not. Billions is being invested in high-quality new highways and safety improvements to existing roads, there is some information out there to help people buy safer vehicles (although the AA wants much more) and there are constant efforts to get people to behave safely on the roads through enforcement and publicity campaigns."

Here is a brochure from NZTA 'Embedding the Safe System approach to road safety'. 


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What a great approach! Away from blame and toward analysis and systematic change.

I was shocked by the number of serious accidents I saw when I moved to New Zealand - even though we have lower speeds than most countries.

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