Green Party's Kevin Hague Says Get Rid of Private Healthcare

Declined for Surgery by both ACC and the Health Board

What happens when both ACC and the District Health Board believe the other should be responsible for paying for your surgery?

You get no treatment until they sort it out, apparently. Which is ridiculous for us who do not have to suffer the consequences directly, it is far worse for the woman who is a victim of this situation, Amy Whiting.

Especially when you bear in mind that these are two separate funding agencies, but immediately above and below them the treatment value chain come together: ultimately the money is public, whichever funding agency you choose, and probably it would be the same surgeon in the same operating theatre that would do the job, irrespective of the payer. Although some very specific and painful costs are borne by Ms Whiting there are some general costs borne by us all: Ms Whiting should be getting on with her life, becoming a teacher, and being self-supporting. Instead, because of a failure to fund treatment, she must depend on a benefit. That is a cost to the rest of us. 

Click here to read Amy Whiting's story. 



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