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Happy Anniversary to The Chatswood Moneyblog

Twelve years ago I started writing this blog. It is very narrowly focused - being aimed at just a few hundred insurance professionals, managers and advisers. Just those people really interested in reading around the subject and keeping up to date with everything to do with life and personal lines insurance product, sales, and marketing, in New Zealand. We add international commentary where we think it will be a leading indicator of potential change here. Regular readers will note that Kelly Pulham helps me to keep up with blogging news items while I tend to write opinion describing a forecast or critique. 

Does it work? Absolutely yes.So if you do not already do this, or something like it, next time you hear some internet or marketing guru talk about the value of content creation I encourage you to listen to them. 

Clients tell us that they like it and new clients often find us or learn about our capability through the blog. It enables us to test out new ideas, indicate areas of expertise, and engage with our audience. Although insurance is such that virtually no-one ever shares our material to their Facebook page, we do get a lot of articles read, liked, and shared on LinkedIn. 

If you are keen to use any of the content in this blog do check our the legal and copyright page - it describes when you can use this material and how to share it. 


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Awesome work Russell and Kelly - love it!

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