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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a list of areas which pose an "extreme risk" and warns that they should not be traveled to. The list includes Turkey which underwent a failed military coup last week but has also been the target of a number of terrorist attacks.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance chief executive Craig Morrison says that due to Turkey's high-risk rating tourists will not be covered by travel insurance if they are affected by terrorism.

"Because Turkey has 'extreme' and 'high' risk ratings by MFat due to the unpredictable security situation, security force operations, threats of terrorism and kidnapping and the potential for violence and civil unrest, travellers going into that country take on a large risk and will not be covered for events related to this risk," he said.

"However, if you have to travel to an 'extreme' or 'high' risk country it's still a safe bet to be insured as while the policy won't cover you for events noted on the MFAT website, you'll be covered for expenses such as theft, illness or injury, provided they don't relate to the extreme or high risk events." Read more in NZ Herald here.


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