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Your Dentist Can Charge a Fee, Why Not You?

My dentist is, actually, a lovely person. She's from the deep south and enjoys telling a yarn and enjoying a good laugh. I'd laugh with her every time if my mouth wasn't incapacitated, with various drills, clips, clamps, and the numbness from anaesthetic. My sense of humour is dulled slightly by pain, too. 

What's more, my dentist can charge fees. Quite large ones at times. She charges them mostly before I'm even in pain - I go for check ups, scans, and so on. She spots a problem and tells me that she needs to fix something - and that will be painful, and expensive. Yet still she can charge fees. 

Mainly she asks, and I pay them. There don't seem to be a lot of really clever marketing tricks going on. Her service is great, convenient (right next to my office), and I know it has to be done. I have checked around and I go back there. I think dental treatment and insurance have some things in common. I noticed as I wrote this that I almost never speak about my dental care. It is a grudge buy, it is money I spend largely to avoid a future problem, the benefits are largely invisible, I don't think about it much in between visits, and it's painful. All could be said about insurance advice. 

Maybe, if you want advice about charging fees I should get my dentist, Shelley, to write about it. But I know if I suggested it, she'd just laugh. 



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