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Advisers and ASICs Claims Review

Advisers in Australia seemed to line up, initially, with insurers in expressing some discomfort at the release of data contained in ASIC's recent report on claims payment in Australia. In New Zealand, unaffected by ASIC's jurisdiction, people that follow such things have tended to focus on the positive endorsement of advisers and advice contained in the review: that claims are more likely to be paid when advice was provided during the sales process, a pretty powerful endorsement.

Now I have seen the first article from Australia which picks up on this point, and I am delighted to do so. It is often easy to think of the regulators job as an adversarial one. They can become adversarial, certainly, but don't necessarily want to function that way. In fact, the more we all focus on a kind of 'market development' paradigm, the better the whole outcome will probably be. This report actually contains a lot of information useful if you care about the development of the market as a whole. 


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