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Boiler Rooms and Other Scams

The FMA has been warning consumers about boiler room scams, a worthy task. Apparently there has been a big increase in the number of complaints - and I guess that the number that actually complain is much smaller than the number that have been ripped off.

These scammers, confidence tricksters, or common thieves, will call you - at home, on your mobile, or contact you by email. They range from the laughably amateur, to the scarily slick. Get across it, read up a bit, have a chat to your family (including teenage kids, anyone that might actually answer the phone) and get hard: just hang up. They may call back. Hang up again!

Meanwhile, watch this guy, who gets high quality entertainment out of scams.  



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Bwhahaha! That guy is hilarious!

Russell Hutchinson

...introduced to me by my youngest, Matthew, of course.

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