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Robo-advice "Essential"

Goodreturns has this interesting piece which highlights consumer expectations of being able to deal with their adviser using digital means - and how that makes a 'robo' component of your business pretty much essential.

Of course there are exceptions. An amazing adviser offering incredible service can buck any trend - write with a quill pen, or make your clients climb to the top of a mountain in Tibet to obtain your advice - but most normal humans will be unable to do that.

Most adviser businesses will opt for an incremental improvement of their business where they progressively shift into the digital world. Faster might be better for some, slower might be better for others. How far you push and how quickly will depend a lot on the nature of the business you do and the clients you work with. 

But get on and do it, because there will not be a big chunk of the market left for the folks with quill pens. 


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